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2022 「Powers of Art 」 Tokyo, Japan

coming soon​

2017 「 CELLS from one drop 」KAISU Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan


2016  Jun 17th - Jun 19th 「The Power of a Cell 」 

Nelda Gilliam Studio in the Museum District, Houston, TX


個展テーマ " The Power of a Cell "

~作品に込められたメッセージ~ ‘青木予想’








Theme of the Exhibition "THE POWER OF A CELL "

'The Aoki Conjecture’


The micro world of an atom, our world, in which life is overflowing, and the vast universe...

Ryuta Aoki found the connection between images and worlds of different scale. In physics, also in the sensory, atoms and molecules are the smallest elements that consist of this world. In mathematics as well, Prime numbers are said to be the atomic version of numbers, the very foundation of mathematical theory. Aoki suspects that these worlds of different scale are connected, and that the 'cell' which forms the basis of our lives becomes a kind of source code.


Imagine a different scale where imagery overlaps... the vein of a leaf, or a chain of mountains. When different worlds are connected, there is a moment of great excitement, almost like watching the Gods play chess. Aoki explains that he would like to feel that although the world is shrouded in mystery, there is some sort of order in the chaos all around us, and that order defines each moment we are alive in this world. Aoki likens this idea to a mathematical proof... the connection between the mystery of life and simple, beautiful images, and suggests this proof be called the  Aoki Conjecture.


It is a unique world view which should serve as a reminder to everyone lost in the minutiae of day to day life.  We may not be able to solve the equation, or answer the essential question, but when  standing in front of the work we become the cell of the source code, and the boundary of the micro and macro has gone.  We become one with the universe, and we feel the miracle of life here and now.

2015 June 6

「Forever Surf Art  RYUTA AOKI × GIAN  Live Music By Gian&Erina 」

Art For Thought Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

2014 「‘Space Travel’ここで生きている  」Art For Thought Ginza, Tokyo, Japan


個展テーマ ~ここで生きている奇跡~











The Miracle of Living Here

In the desert, on a beach, in a snowy field, wrapped in the starry sky. New life is breathed into what was once dull sensation. In the silence of space and time I feel the delight of being alive. In this moment, I realize the impact of what it means to be alive here now.

The immediacy and reality of the connection I feel to my life, the close contact with death, and the thanks I have for food and air make my whole body numb. My chest tightens and I am hot to the touch. These thoughts can not be left unexpressed.

This is not artistic expression.
This is not an occupation or a calling.
It is how a living being expresses wonder for its own life.

In the small world of an atom, The human world, overflowing with life, and even further, in the vast universe, I was born this size, and I feel the miracle of living here on earth.

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